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An 8-page supplement added near the middle of the catalog offered devices manufactured by H C Evans Co or their successors. Here is a look back in history to and the machines available. Be sure to check the Links page for additional resources.

I have the schematics but they are too large for my scanner. Mills Trade Stimulators catalog, early 20th century. This is a page Mike Munves Catalog. This document is in PDF format.

With such success, Dominion purchased the Canadian patents and a new production company, named universal slot machines manuals its founders, Womersley and Broadbent, was set up next to the Dominions premises. From my experience universal slot machines manuals bingos, it is hard to believe the payoff percentages of the machines discussed. A wide range of accessories was offered that, together with the machines' built in versatility, allowed a wide range of work to be undertaken including: Amusement machine components are discussed however many aspects apply to gambling machines.

There is a lexicon of coin machine terms. All were especially well designed and constructed, users commenting that their function quality was the equal of those from the better-known and much larger Wadkin Company. With Womersley universal slot machines manuals Broadbent manufacturing, but Dominion marketing, problems eventually overran the arrangement and Dominion were to eventually take over their bankrupt partners.

Print sheets 1 to 10, turn paper over and print sheets 11 to Fold to make booklet. I do not know how long the company remained in business after Managed at first by one Herman Laycock, the Company grew from strength to strength until, in the s, they were well represented at major universal slot machines manuals shows and had a firm foothold in the UK market.

There are 6 files in PDF format to facilitate downloading. For those who have never seen a copy, this catalog is a tell-all of controlled gambling and carnival equipment. I can have them reproduced on request. The operators were not without their hassles.

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Bally Victory Special Setup Instructions showing some adjustments available to the operator. Following this reorganisation, and headed by Herman Laycock's grandson, David Waithman, a boom in exports followed. H C Evans Co Catalog.

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Caille Brothers Catalog of early slot machines and trade stimulators. H C Evans Catalog. Bally Triple Draw Bell adjustments. It does give a feel for what was then available. Keeney Big Tent Manual.

Evans Club, Park and Carnival Equipment with price list. This catalog is a textbook all its own in controlled gambling equipment.

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I do not believe that they are in business any longer. Fitted with front and side cutters, the head could also be used for grooving and, with split or side cutters could be fitted on both sides, for trenching as well Dominion inch Model "Elliot" Universal Woodworker Ploughing on the Dominion inch Universal Crosscutting on the Dominion inch Universal Surfacing on the Dominion inch Universal Using a planer knife grinder attachment on the Dominion inch Universal Tenoning on the Dominion inch Universal Making a housing stair string by trenching with a Dado head - a unit supplied as standard on the Dominion inch Universal The Dominion inch Universal Woodworker fitted with and overhead spindle unit being used for tenoning and scribing The overhead, fitted with a "French" spindle, being used for moulding work.

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If you ever thought that you were fleeced at a gambling game, you may find the answer here. If you have been looking for a hard-to-find part to get your project working, you may find it here. Their inventory includes vendors, springs, reel tins, discs, disc plugs, cash boxes, back doors, decals and back door paper for restoration.

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Mike Munves catalog still missing 4 pages. This is a flasher slot. The pricing is interesting. The original H C Evans Co was liquidated in following the death of its owner.