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Obviously that extends its lifespan well beyond that of a typical toaster, but it also scores some environmental brownie points too. See all our top pick toasters for here It all sounds like a bit of a faff, and you can see why pop-up toasters have largely taken over, but the Dualit method does have its advantages.

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It's nice knowing my shiny new toaster won't be landfill in two years' time. The filaments in the Dualit are slimmer and more closely packed together. The only other control is the selection switch, which lets you choose from one to four slices, or one or two bagels where only one side is toasted.

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ByJanson 14 June I suppose the main question for anyone considering this toaster is "does it justify the price? You can see the result below, which are again affected by the Dualit's unusual design. Some may not take to its more manual, more perfectionist take on toasting, but we found it empowering and quickly felt we had mastered the device, and mastered toasting, after many years of uncertainty and lurking by out toaster.

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Due to the aforementioned leaning the toast is a little more even on the nearer, striped side, while the top of the opposite side tends to be paler. I can't stand dry, crunchy toast, which seemed to be an unfortunate speciality for some of my old toasters. Some people feel having to manually eject the toast is an unjustifiable failure for such a costly toaster.

It's not a huge issue though when eating and the toast does look great. It's also hand made in Britain; something I'm very happy to support. And that includes the toasting filament boards, which are usually the parts which break on a toaster. This is what really makes the Dualit tougher than other toasters.

The idea is your toast stays warm until you're ready to grab it, and it really does work. As you might expect for something intended for commercial kitchens, the build quality is very high. Crisp on the outside but still moist in the middle, we find that the faster-than-average toasting speed is most certainly to our tastes.

Not everyone has the luxury of gazing lovingly at an iconic, internationally recognised example of 20th Century industrial design while waiting for their morning toast.

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And if you didn't toast it enough, just twist the dial for an extra 30 or 45 seconds to finish it off. On a typical pop-up toaster the moving section at the bottom of each slot is designed to hold the bread fairly upright, usually with dualit 2 slot toaster best price indentation in the middle.

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Still the best toaster you can buy, fast, flexible and built to last Advertisement Specifications Buy Now from John Lewis Dualit makes arguably the most iconic toasters in the world, it has been through a few revisions over the years but the basic design and functionality is still prized in professional kitchens around the world.

In my view, it absolutely does. A more serious downside is that the slots are not particularly long or deep, so taller bread can't be laid down and pokes out the top when standing.

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This is so handy that some pop-up toasters now include lift-and-look as a feature. This one, in contrast, gets me a nice golden slice without taking all the moisture out.

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Instead of having an electronic timer, the Dualit has a mechanical one, you simply twist it around to the time required and the heating elements come on for that amount of time. The Dualit is built like a tank and everything feels lovingly engineered. There's no doubting that the Dualit Classic is built to last and to be easily repaired.