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The results may be accompanied by specific fertilizer recommendations to correct any deficiencies. They remain for several years on some varieties.

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If it is, enjoy it inside until spring and then plant it outside in a part-sun, part-shade place in the garden see planting azaleas. Exactly how often depends on its potting mix and the temperature and humidity of the room. The best control is to get a cat, or to trap them. Azalea longevity Azaleas are long lived plants when their requirements are met.

Root problems can also show up as browned leaves. Follow the label recommendations for mixing and applying chelated iron.

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Azaleas versus rhododendrons Azaleas are in the genus Rhododendron. You can reduce the stress much more by planning a year or two ahead. If the plant has color variations, that one color is usually the same color as the variation color on the other flowers. However, they appear to be evergreen because they grow two sets of leaves each year. Chlorosis caused by magnesium deficiency is initially the same as iron, but progresses to form reddish purple blotches and marginal leaf necrosis browning of leaf edges.

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Having humus decomposed organic matter in the soil and maintaining an organic mulch around azaleas are more important than applying chemical fertilizers, and much safer.

After these conditions are eliminated as possible causes, soil testing is in order. Transplanting azaleas The general goal when transplanting is to minimize the stress on the plant being moved.

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Next year take out two or three more branches using the same process, spreading the pruning over a three year cycle. If chlorosis of the leaves yellowed, with green veins or stunted plant growth suggest there may be nutritional deficiencies, a soil test may be useful.

If the plant is in a container, remove it. Deciduous azaleas drop all of their leaves in the fall. Some may turn and then fall off, and others retain the color through the fall and winter.

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Petal blight Azaleas can get a fungal infection called petal blightparticularly when the weather is cool and damp as they are about to bloom. Then water it slowly and thoroughly. One way is to feed your plant once or twice a year, in spring and perhaps again in summer, with chelated iron, which is a product available from garden centres.

These problems are described at Leaf drop. Many conditions can be responsible for an iron deficiency. Replant the azalea following the regular planting directions. In very poorly drained soil, plant on top of the soil, or in a very shallow depression.

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If you like the spring showing of azaleas but find them boring the rest of the year, this is also the azalea variety you should grow. There are many more named evergreen azaleas than deciduous azaleas, perhaps because evergreen azaleas are easier to root in commercial quantities than deciduous azaleas. The Autumn Embers Encore Azalea is faster-growing than many other azaleas, so it will not be too many years before it reaches it full size at 2 or 3 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet across.

Azalea toxicity Azaleas, rhododendrons, and mountain laurel Kalmia are toxic when eaten by animals, and may cause abdominal and cardiovascular problems.

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Some varieties can get quite tall, into the tens of feet, while others remain spreading groundcovers less than 12 inches in height. If the azalea was recently planted, dig it up and check the rootball for moisture, and for the general state of the roots, which should be firm and crisp.

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After controlling the pests causing the damage, it may be a good idea to help the azaleas by fertilizing them if many of the leaves are eaten off, there may not be enough left to feed the roots. Soil amendments that acidify the soil, such as iron sulfate or sulfur, are the best long term solution.

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Then lift the plant by the burlap and the bottom, not by its stems. For large azaleas, dig wide rather than deep to get as many roots as possible. Some less sun tolerant varieties will always be light green in full sun.

The problem may be too little water, too much water, or too much fertilizer.

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In the south, some spring-blooming azaleas bloom again in the fall. Applying chemical fertilizers without knowledge of any deficiencies in your soil may not help much, and may actually harm your azaleas.

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This unique and very special plant is always in high demand and our stock does not last, so to be sure of having this amazing plant, order now. Once established this plant can tolerate a little dryness, but it is best to not let the soil dry completely.

Poor drainage, planting too deeply, heavy soil with poor casino azaleas gdl, insect or fungus damage in the root zone and lack of moisture casino azaleas gdl induce chlorosis. Planting azaleas Azaleas prefer loose, moist, well-drained soil for their roots.

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Too little water also results in brown leaf tips, usually preceded or accompanied by a wilted, limp appearance. Moving around the plant at the drip line, cut straight down with a spade, move a few spade widths and cut again, etc.

These mostly come from China, Japan and the Himalaya and have been used by plant breeders to produce thousands of varieties.

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