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Management had to bring a specialist.

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The receptionist quickly had other workers in the club try to call her extension to see if it would ring, but all attempts were unsuccessful. These games were all later sold at auction around So no one hears opera late at night.

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Along with things opening closing and starting by themselves. After we got done with the machine it could be proudly displayed and even used as it was designed. Also, there is a ghost of a mechanic who used to work on railcars in the basement.

Electricity was cut off but inside you can still turn on the lights and all the clocks have the same time on them that doesn't change even when they are plugged in. Central City in Colorado although inhabited by the living was well spoken of for it's vaporous inhabitants one really can't say deceased when the specter doesn't themselves admit to it. The gun games and the Mutoscope Voice-o-graph.

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Although originality is our number one goal alternatives always exist and clients always run the show. Below are pictures from arcades, restuarants, drug stores, anything we could dig up that had old games in it.

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Thornton - Brittany Hill - If you go up to the Brittany Hill Restaurant after closing walk up to the old mansion doors and you can see the ghost of a man holding his wife in his arms.

When You close the store and put the chairs up the same 12 chairs every night will be found the next morning or later that night down again when NO ONE was anywhere near them. The floods backed up sewers so this machine was full of all that, inside and out.

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When the father let the son go in he screamed like no other had screamed before, and when the parents rushed in to the restroom there child were gone. Bowls, silverware, plates getting thrown off counters and shelves. The owners of the shop will talk to you about the spirits just ask them.

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The Seeburg shooting gallery games. The idea behind this web site is really Norm's. At night some people can hear the baby crying, if you ever go there ask to sleep in the pink room. This arcade was involved in some federal court case these pictures came from the national archives.

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Apparitions also appear in the form of black masses that are very unfriendly. Inside the following games can be seen: They were successful in stealing the gold shipment on a wagon and had almost crossed Poncha Pass when they ran into a Union patrol form Ft Garland.

Manitou Springs - Bath and Spa house - Indians were pushed out of there lands and were cut off from there sacred spring. She is the ghost of Kathleen Cooper, who still waits for her husband-to-be. Many sightings have occurred there.

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He was, of course, run out of town after trying to swindle folks out of their land and money. She was thrown off the balcony. The room was all fixed up, with high-backed leather chairs, glass bookcases, etc.

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