Grim reaper gambling tattoos, 35 horrifying grim reaper tattoo designs

The artist totally nailed the face.

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You can almost sense that this tattoo of a grim reaper is going to walk of the skin and tell you that you are next. Surprisingly, this tattoo is often worn by women, despite the dark and deep meaning. It has sort of a reddish and pink tint to it. This reminds me of some sort of bad dream you may be having and the grim reaper is coming for you.

This tattoo portrays the image of the place where the Grim reaper gambling tattoos Reaper walks and dwells before coming for his victims. Check out the facial details. This grim reaper is A-O-K! While these types of tattoos mostly represent the bad side of things, many use it to symbolize being cold and emotionless towards pain and suffering.

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On the flip side, reaper tattoos could also mean the completion of the circle of life since many believe that after death there is also another kind of beginning. The vivid detail in every part of this is on point. This makes for a pretty ominous scene. This tattoo is well done and perfectly executed.

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The artist did a great job with the cloak over the skull in making it seem like its hanging over his head and could be easily swayed in the wind. Notice the dots around the sun. This is a creepy and the black-and-white version of the Grim Reaper.

This is a grim reminder that we all grim reaper gambling tattoos a certain amount of time on this earth and that eventually the grim reaper will come knocking when our time is up.

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The scythe that he is holding is actually beautiful and abstract. This helps promote the eery look and feel to the whole piece. Some show him with a hood and the ever present scythe in various positions. This is an incredible back piece that would have taken hours upon hours upon hours.

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The purple flower really ties it all together. Notice the three dimensional look of the hooded cloak.

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This cool design has a very detailed work and looks fabulous. The whole tattoo flows well around each other and gives you a real sense of fear when you are looking at it.

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The solid and clean black lines make for simple and bold tattoo. That this tattoo would have taken a long time and many sessions.

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What are your thoughts on it? Grim Reaper Tattoo beneath your skin 3. This is a fun tattoo of a Grim Reaper with his sickle scraping the skin.