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For 18 years, this became a classic cabaret haunt on the Strip, featuring a diverse lineup of performers along with a wide array of gangsters who hung out here. Before long, she was hiring massage girls and managing the player list. And from that moment on, the place was a magnet for both well-established artists and up and comers.

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Tragically, the year the club opened, year-old actor River Phoenix collapsed in toxic shock from a drug overdose right in front of the club and died shortly after at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The year-old Oscar nominee was poised to have a career on par with '90s greats like Leonardo DiCaprio when he collapsed outside of the club on October 31, Since then, the club famously owned by Johnny Depphas been known as a hotbed for illicit activity.

After a while, the buy-in went up, too.

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The only thing that players had to do was wait for a text from Molly saying who was coming. In popular culture[ edit ] The location has been featured on the season 14 episode of paranormal series Ghost Adventures as one of their lockdown locations, where they investigated the building for two days.

But Feinstein had no direct involvement in the game.

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That was what was magical about the game. Final names for all reservations are due one week before the trip date as required by the sponsoring casino. Even today, the property is plagued by rumors of ghosts and missing bodies hidden within the bar's painted black exterior.

He later died in the hospital.

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Like many other places on the Strip, the Melody Room evolved along with the changing cultural times. Several scenes in the John Travolta film Be Cool were set at or in the club, [8] [9] although only the exterior of the site was used in the shoot. But just having him there from time to time made the game even hotter. Despite its cleaned-up image, the Viper Room remains haunted with memories of rampant cocaine abuse and lives cut too short.

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Players could come at seven and close the place down with no one even knowing they were there. Weisswho had performed there for years, suggested to Depp that they revitalize the spot and rename it "the Viper Room".

Cancellations within one week of the trip date and especially no shows, without cancellation, on the trip date may result in charges being billed to that customer for the assigned transportation cost of the trip, and inability to reserve future trips without a credit card deposit. New players with fat wallets were more viper room gambling happy to lose money for the chance to play with Maguire and his friends.

Ownership[ edit ] As part of the settlement of a lawsuit involving the disappearance of co-owner Anthony Fox inDepp relinquished his ownership of the Viper Room in He even had a cash-counting machine. Prior to Phoenix's passing, the troubled actor allegedly went on a days-long drug binge with John Frusciante, the notorious drug-addicted guitarist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

She recruited the prettiest girls she could find to offer neck rubs and keep drinks flowing. Full Throttle "Pink Panther Dance" scene was filmed at the club,[ citation needed ] though the club's name was changed in the film to "The Treasure Chest".

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Intellectual property and lawsuits[ edit ] A nightclub located in CincinnatiOhiowas formerly called "The Viper Room". On the night River overdosed, he drank a speedball — a mix of heroin and cocaine dissolved into a drink — and chased it with Valium.

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According to Forrest, one of Phoenix's close friends who also happened to be at the Viper Room that night, the group would regularly "smoke crack or shoot coke directly into a vein" then "shoot heroin to get a grip and come down enough to be able to carry on a conversation for a few minutes before you start the cycle again.

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No one else wanted the headache of rounding up players and texting everyone the final lineup, so Bloom handled all the contacts Maguire and the others gave her and started building a list of her own. She made sure her players were pampered, and she was also very professional about it. ShareThis Maguire took his home game seriously.

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That left Bloom to do everything from fixing cocktails to helping the players settle accounts at the end of the night.