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Seafood Buffet A seafood food casino party is a common site in most casinos. Cut finger sandwiches into diamond and heart card suite shapes. Our Golden Grill offers a huge variety of mouth-watering cuisine, from our famous prime rib specials to delectable appetizers, crisp salads, hearty soups, and much more.

Of all the aspects to perfect when making your home casino party, food should not be one of them. Cut melon into spade, club, and diamond suite shapes, make your own finger sandwiches and cut them into diamond and heart cart suite shapes with a cookie cutter. A tray of simplechocolate cupcakes is the perfect treat for your friends, and they can be decorated with just about anything, including famous slot symbols like fruit, stars, and bells.

Domino brownies To make another simple themed treat, bake a batch of brownies and cut into rectangles when cooled.

Basic Buffet

You need to serve food that can move with people as they socialize and gamble. The possibilities are endless, and there is a massive range of moulds that can be found online.

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Seafood Buffet The most expensive buffet you could ever hope to offer is a seafood buffetwhich takes careful planning and consideration. Take a look at options for a few buffet style variations. Casino Jello Shots Always popular at any party and the easiest thing in the world to make, jello shots lend themselves extremely well to any casino-themed event, and require very little preparation.

Here are some of the best: Choose delicious and cheap finger foods so that you can cut costs without sacrificing taste. Budget Blowing Gourmet Buffet A true gourmet buffet is a sight to behold at any big casino and any player who wins big will want to celebrate in a big way too!

A mixture of dark and bright, catchy music, and of course, lots of entertainment. Offer dipping sauces and rolls, fresh vegetables and fruits as side dishes.

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No Comments Planning a holiday party involves hundreds of decisions, but one of the most important choices you make is also one of the first: But the menu might be a little more challenging. Las Vegas is full of world-class restaurants in virtually every cuisine imaginable and local casino restaurants can vary by region.

Indulge your guests in the lavish experience of a casino buffet by providing a few of the many seafood finger foods available. Chocolate Is a Must Chocolate is the perfect treat for many reasons.

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Dessert Buffet A dessert buffet idea for a casino theme can be as simple or elaborate as your budget allows. Go for prosciutto wrapped asparagus, crab-stuffed mushrooms, lobster cheese puffs, mini shrimp cocktails, artichoke and bacon bites, bruschetta with fresh toppings topped with pine nuts, and a selection of fresh breads and cheeses, and charcuterie.

Prime rib Whether you opt for a casino-style buffet or trays of finger food, prime rib—the king of casino dining—can be the centerpiece of your casino party menu.

Casino Party Ideas

Still, there are plenty of menu items that would fit right into a casino themed party. Cupcakes Galore Baking can be a chore, and it can take quite a bit of experience to really nail some of the more complicated recipes. Offer fried popcorn shrimp, shrimp cocktails, teriyaki shrimp rolls and spicy shrimp poppers. Fill plastic treasure chests with chocolates, caramels and hard candies to create the treasure.

Cut cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon pieces in spade and club card food casino party shapes. Themed cocktails can include a Lady Luck blue curacao, dry gin, orange juicePoker Face tequila, pineapple juice, triple sec, twist of lemonSnake Eyes apple martiniWild Card kamikaze shotsand Face Card Malibu and pineapple juice.

Primary Menu

Using Colours There are two colours that truly permeate through all things casino, and these are red and black. Add bowls of foil-covered, chocolate coins for a dessert. Add mini apple tarts or fudge brownies decorated to look like playing cards.

Help your guests feel like big winners with prosciutto-wrapped asparagus spears, crab-stuffed mushrooms, lobster cheese puffs, shrimp-stuffed celery and artichoke-heart bacon bites. Offer sushi and oysters on ice as cold options, as well as plenty of warm options such as popcorn shrimp, teriyaki shrimp rolls, crab cakes, crab puffs, mini croissants stuffed with lobster and fried calms.

Gamblers who win big want to celebrate big, and most casinos provide many opportunities to splurge.