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I chipped till my fingers bled, and took my break sitting in the cash desk, while the cashier dealt at the tables. That said, I have found it is simpler to start with the amount of cash I am comfortable "losing" for the cruise and work up or down with that. Be sure to take off or play any remaining credit you have on your cruise card on the last night because once you leave the ship, it's gone and does not go toward your room bill!!!

The differences with Princess, and the reasons I didn't stay… Embarcation day. On Princess I had to spend embarcation day, standing by an elevator, pointing passengers in the right direction. If you have a lot of points overthey will probably reward you with free cruises or casino cash for your next cruise!

Got me once after two beers yes two! My cabin was cleaned by a steward. Long, tedious and mandatory also necessary for everyone's safety. If I went to passenger areas I had to be in uniform and on best behaviour, but I could eat at the passenger buffets, and drink in the bars. They all know who you're sleeping with, and they know the other people who are also sleeping with or who were sleeping with your partner.

On Princess, I worked 4 hours, got a four hour break, then came back for another four hours, or more. Show your card, input the pin you setup and they will hand you cash.

With Festival I worked an average of 60—70 hours a week. Firstly, it depends a lot on which company you work for. Several romantic relationships with other crew members, including the DJ on my last ship, who I am happily married to now, with whom I have two beautiful daughters. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. There are no paper tickets or payouts - all money is stored on your Cruise Card.

I was young and British, drinking to excess is part of my culture. I worked hard and played hard. Starting my shift at sailing time, and finishing at about 2am. Bit of a vague question but I'll try to answer as best I can. I had access to the crew gym. Rather than atm cash, download cash to your Cruise Card and take to the cage and you will not be charged any atm fees.

This wasn't really a problem, we mostly got along fine, and some of my cabin mates became best friends for life. The RMS Lusitania was converted to be an armored troop carrier.

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At the end of the night we would often go to the passenger disco, for a wind down drink and dance. I made some wonderful friends. And you have to remember and respect that you're not all there for the same reasons. On Princess, one or two people always had to stay on board.

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Some cruises were spent standing bored behind an empty table, 20 minutes on, 20 off. Passenger drill, at the start of every cruise, crew drill during every cruise almost always in the mornings.

My laundry was done by the laundry guys. On sea days I started princess cruises casino age 10 or 11am, and worked through, with an hour for lunch and dinner. There were months when I got paid the guaranteed minimum 00, there were months when I got And I quit the ships in to start a family. On Festival I didn't have anything special to do except as manager, to do a quick hello at the welcome show.

On Festival, if we were in port, we were free. Mostly the passengers were just customers, but occasionally you made friends with them heck, my boss on one of the ships married a girl he met when she was a passenger. Crew drill in the morning. You may "charge your room" for any amount to play with or insert cash into the machine.

You accumulate points as you play and on some cruises, drink credits. Therefore the cash concept is a good one. You live in a little crew community crew members on my first ships, — on the later ones.

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Some of you are there to support families back home, some of you to have fun, some to build a career. The amount of actual work I did depended entirely on the passengers for the particular cruise. I had many close friends. I shared my cabin with another casino worker except when I was manager, when I got my own cabin. It is really easy to keep charging increments of money to the room and all of a sudden realize you have spent more than you want to.